[ 10 . 17 . 05 ]
first of all, if you're here cuz of the flyer or read the ad on the front page, justin is no longer playing with us, and has found a new outlet in life. if you think you got what it takes to fill his shoes, tho, we will be holding some try-out sessions that you can book by calling Paul at XXX.XXX.XXXX, Jake at XXX.XXX.XXXX, or Jett at XXX.XXX.XXXX. we don't really read our e-mail anymore without Justin so don't mess with that. feel free to call if you are honestly interested and we'll set something up.
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[ 08 . 18 . 05 ]
it's sweet how fast this website popped up [ music & contact now up ]. we got photoshop now, and we have some really good pictures to use for backgrounds. we're also gonna be usin some on the CD so it's kinda like a little preview. and we got more just regular and old pics comin and just keep an eye out for the CD cuz it's gonna hit you in the face.



[ 08 . 16 . 05 ]
well it's been about a year since our last update, or since we really even considered ourselves having a website for that matter. sorry to keep you all in the dark for so long, but last january we recorded @ Double-O Records in hampton and are finishing up our graphics for the album as we speak. we'll keep you updated here so you know when it's ready, and you can buy it online here too, or at Volume Music in VA Beach. other than that, we are probably putting in our orders for our posters and stickers to promote the CD this friday, and those could be available as soon as next month on this site, so like i said, keep posted. until then i'll be workin on this website, right now it looks kinda naked with nothin but this background, but it doesn't look too bad does it? if it does, tell me on our forum located at the bottom of this frame. peace!


[ 09 . 01 . 04 ]
we definitely just played with The Havoc and the Last Hope last night, and i can definitely say that was one of the craziest experiences of my life. first of all, the show was supreme, and we wanna say thx to both of the bands from out of state for coming by and tearin it up. i don't think they expected the venue to be quite as small, though...but whatever. after the show all the bands that played, including the special guests, all chilled at foetus's house. it wasn't what i expected at all, we just ended up hanging out with mad people i have never seen and eating stuff off a grill that the havoc and last hope guys were making. once again, thanks a lot to all the bands that played last night, it was an awesome show.


[ 08 . 22 . 04 ]
it seems we also have another show at Michael Bob's on the 14th of next month. i already put all the info on the shows section so check that out.


[ 08 . 21 . 04 ]
we are going to be playing with The Havoc in about ten days. that'll be august 31st at a venue in norfolk called Michael Bob's. it's gonna be at 6:00 PM and will be $7 at the door. the address is 1524 Johnstons Road, Norfolk, VA, so go mapquest that shit, and make sure you bring all your friends. it's gonna be a big party. fun is guaranteed. plus, justin said something about these anal-pentrating ninjas that will hunt you down if you don't go. don't laugh, it's true. anyway, the venue's number is XXX.XXX.XXXX if you have any more questions. keep posted for more info.
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[ 08 . 03 . 04 ]
Yeah, the website looks cool, but we definitely need to get some more pictures, because most of the ones we have are from sophomore - junior year.


[ 08 . 01 . 04 ]
ok, so i'm gonna start tryin to maybe post as close to every day as i can, which will probably still be never. as for now, we're still workin on some of the more difficult aspects of the site and then making a resized version for the 1024x768 peoples out there. expect a completed website hopefully somewhere around next week.


[ 07 . 30 . 04 ]
Well, as you can tell Paul + I have changed the site around totally, but besides that I've got some shit to say:

Sorry that we haven't updated in a while, we've all been kind of busy with random shit.

Ryan's in Nags Had for the summer, so if you're going to Nags Head + looking for someone to get drunk with, look for a red mohawk. Jett, well he's been working a lot, same goes for Paul. Jake, I have no clue what the fuck he's up to. And I, well I've been job searching all summer + just hanging out with friends such as the Tragedies + our photographer Toni, going to shows and shit.

Anyways, we are workin on some new songs + our ideas seem pretty kick ass. We're also trying to get some studio time so we can release a good demo! But that's about it for now, keep checkin back for info on shows, releases, or just any updates.


[ 07 . 29 . 04 ]
justin and i started working on the new site design today. it's a total conversion as you can tell, and it's already taken us hours. we've been up since around 8ish yesterday afternoon until 6ish and we have no intentions on stopping any time soon. keep checkin in for updates.


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